The project concerns the development of tools facilitating the development of echolocation in visually impaired people. The development of the skill mentioned above allows blind and visually impaired people to increase their independence and confidence in orientation and mobility as well as to improve standard functioning in everyday life. The example of such people as James Holman, Ben Underwood, or Daniel Kish prove that echolocation can be used by people. Daniel Kish, through his training sessions and workshops, managed to demonstrate that it can be learned not only by a selected group of individuals but rather that this skill is available to everyone. Nevertheless, it should be remembered that not everybody will achieve the top level but more likely the level which is adequate to their auditory capabilities.

The aim of the project is to carry out the industrial research and development work, which will result in creating a game prototype facilitating mobility in the reliably reflected virtual reality. The training modules will allow the target groups (children, adults, with mixed abilities) to be introduced into the world of echolocation and binaural sounds. The game itself, however, will enable further echolocation development through completing more challenging levelsof reliably reflected rooms and areas. The mapping will consist in recording audio samples of the transferred area in particular locations and various configurations. The description format will be open, allowing the highly engaged community to popularize echolocation by creating and sharing subsequent tasks in the game.